Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello readers!  I've been travelling again, and I hope to post some recipes soon: there were birthday cupcakes in London, and kozhakottais in Chidambaram!

In the meantime, I have some updates from friends who have been baking bread.  Dr. K sent in some pictures from her attempt to make the foccacia recipe I posted last month.  Look at her beautiful gluten strands in the header photo!
And the final product?  "It was yummy!" she writes.

And JORJ just wrote in to say that she has been experimental bread baking!  She writes:

"I also made the no-knead bread the other day with whole wheat flour and some wheat germ and some thyme. It turned out great, but I think I should have soaked the thyme in water before adding it to the dough, or something because the flavor didn't really go all the way through the bread like I thought it might. Anyway, I liked the whole wheat flour better--I used 50% whole wheat and 50% AP flour--the texture of the crust was even better. I am hoping to find another type of whole grain flour and do some kind of mixing experiment. This whole wheat flour is a little too cardboard-y."

Here's a loaf of the original recipe that we made together in January.

I love that you are reading my blog and trying the recipes for yourself.  Please continue to let me know about it!

And of course, stay tuned, recipes to come!

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