Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Went Shopping: Plants People Goes to Ubud!

Today, my sister and Plants Person wrote in an I Went Shopping review of her honeymoon trip to Bali.

"Splurging on the villas we stayed in during our two week honeymoon to Bali didn't leave much of a budget in the way of shopping, but how could we come back without a few mementos and some gifts?

"I was in love with these painted baskets that all the Balinese women use daily to transport goods on their heads from home to temple, from temple to home. When we were on one of our snorkeling trips, our guide packed all of our lunches, fruits and drinks into one of these baskets as well. I was on the search for one at the Ubud Market and I finally found this one! 

"Shadow puppets were a must-have purchase for me as well. I came out of the market with these two--one of Goddess Saraswati and one of Lord Rama. I'm sad to ruin the surprise, but one of these is for our beloved HiH writer herself!  [Thanks!]

"HiH reader JORJ introduced me to Big Tree Farms in Bali, an organization that works with local farmers to make the highest quality, fairly traded and organic sea salts, peppers and coconut palm sugars. I got a variety to use and share: Mundok white peppercorns, Balinese  Sea Salt (Kechil course and fine pyramids), and my absolute favorite--coconut palm sugar scented with turmeric.  I have used this everyday since returning in my chai!  Yesterday, I coated some strawberries and raspberries with it and put that over chocolate ice cream! 
"Threads of Life is a non-profit organization based in Ubud that works to preserve the textile traditions of Indonesia promoting hand-loom, natural fibers and dyes. I drooled over all the textiles they had, but could hardly afford one for myself (think $500), so I came away with these two, naturally-dyed, handwoven little clove sachets ($1.50 each), and that little instrument in the center that kind of looks like a pipe is the tool they use, filled with hot wax to make batik cloth. 

"Misc items from the Market: tiny spoons for eating yogurt or ice cream or for scooping spices, postcards.

"One of our favorite places was the Museum Puri Lukistan in Ubud. We were in awe of the detail and depiction of some of the epic stories that we saw performed in dance throughout our visit and decided to pick up the museum catalog."
Thanks for the post!

If you have been shopping, and would like to share, you are welcome to send in a post too.  Just get in touch.  Here's one last picture of a Balinese market.

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