Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Went Shopping: eating nearly everything at Sahadi's

A new write in to I Went Shopping!  Friend and blogger Olivia at eating (nearly) everything sends in this post from New York City.  Olivia's blog deals with eating with a gluten allergy, and I love that she showed us the gluten-free choices she made.  Sahadi's is a little Middle-Eastern market on Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.  People love the store for their selection of nuts and dried fruits, and they also have a lot of spices and other things, but I'll let Olivia tell you about it.

"At Sahadi's market on Atlantic Avenue!  Middle-Eastern (and the surrounding areas) delites! AND IT IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from Trader Joe's! So it was an interesting end result bounty.

First picture--

* cerignola olives (green and nutty and hard!) from sahadi's
* gluten free mac & cheese from trader joe's!  gross!
* mini rice crackers (TJ)
* in front of them is a tin can of smoked trout, as I attempt to eat lower on the food chain
* yogurt
* English toffee (trader joe's) WHICH IS AMAZING and covered in pecans - i never buy dessert at the grocery store because it seems like a  "bad idea" even though of course i am going to eat dessert, every day, so i might as well accept it and move on rather than stealing away to the deli like a thief in the night and returning with a pint of Haagen Dazs.
above the toffee is some FIG SESAME JAM--that + goat cheese + olive slice + cracker = a delicious appetizer
* apple
* brown rice pasta (the best kind of gf pasta i have found)
* gf french rolls (not that good, but they were out of my brown rice bread)
* bananas
* avocado (always)
* garbanzo beans (I will make your channa masala!!)
* eggplant, for a Moroccan tajine!

Second picture--the reusable Sahadi's shopping bag
Third picture--frozen okra!  What can I make with that?  I remember having some DELICIOUS fried okra in India.... [I'll get working on a post Olivia!  I love Okra too--HiH]

Fourth pic--the fig jam glamour shot.

Fifth pic--yogurt soda (did not buy - cannot carry heavy things like that on the B65 bus!!)

Sixth--orange blossom water!  See above (did not buy) but researched as I was shopping with my cousin and we will be hosting family Christmas this year, orange blossom water sounds like the type of thing one might need for an exciting xmas celebration...

So pleased to be part of the I WENT SHOPPING effort.  


Thank you Olivia!!  And let us know what you decide to do with the orange blossom water, I love that fragrance.

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