Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Went Shopping: Thanksgiving at the Halifax Farmers' Market

It's been nearly a month since I last posted!  Don't know how the time has gone by.  Sorry dear readers. Now it is nearly Thanksgiving in America, and there will be so much cooking and picture-taking this week that I hope it makes up for my bad behavior.

Today we went to the Halifax Farmers Market and stocked up for Thanksgiving.

From Elmridge Farms, we bought
Fingerling Potatoes
Multi-colored carrots
A butternut squash
A buttercup squash
Yellow Onions
Sweet Potatoes

We found Brussels Sprouts at the Elmridge Farm Stand, but we are not sure where they came from.

Yukon Gold Potatoes
Yellow Onions

Pasture Hill Farm


Square White Loaf

The mushrooms, hot peppers, green and yellow peppers came from a stand whose name I can't remember.

I am definitely going to be making Gourmet's Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie, which came out so beautifully last year.  I think I will bake a vegan pumpkin pie with coconut milk, and a conventional pecan pie.  And, what I am really looking forward to, I am going to make my own seitan Turkey!

Stay Tuned!

And Happy Holiday Planning!

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  1. yumm - I wish that Halifax was a wee bit closer (like about 2000 miles) and Boo and I could get some of that pie! Enjoy!