Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I did it!

In an earlier blog post, I took photographs of an elderflower tree among other delights of a garden in summertime.  A couple of readers wrote in asking for elderflower recipes, and one, faithful reader and superlatively talented Vanessa Davis, pointed the way to a recipe for elderflower fritters.  I had no idea!  And everyone knows about making elderflower fritters--David Leibovitz includedWhere have I been?

Over the fourth of July, I was determined to make some, but a couple of pies, a paella on the grill, paneer tikkas, and scores of bugs, wore me out.

Pie recipes coming soon!

We went back to Santa Clara this past weekend, and I took the plunge, and fried some elderflowers.

I have to say, they weren't amazing.  I am not a good fryer, and I think my oil was not hot enough, or my batter was too thin.


Something!  I'll work on the recipe again next summer.  I do know how to de-bug the flowers now.  Soak them in a bowl of water, then rinse gently but firmly.  Finally, using a skewer or chopstick, gently fish out the bugs from the dense flower clusters.

They were beautiful though.


  1. Those look so cool!

    xoxo ~ Courtney